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Creative Supply Only Architectural Woodwork in France.

'Made to Measure' Shutters(Volets)

Window shutters are an important for home security in France and as a result French Insurance companies are insisting that your home is protected so check if there are any clauses in your policy.

Brightly painted wooden shutters are a major part of french architectural heritage across France but sadly there are many homes without them especially newbuilds but the shutters don't only add security but help increase insulation and wind proofing. 1.25 per 25mm is the r/value for softwood so it will help to decrease your window heat loss.


Construction is ledge and braced (Z frame) or plain ledge to your supplied measurements. Our volets are supplied unpainted and constructed to allow for trimming & fitting.


Our most popular product is 26mm PINE (Volet Lame) tongue and grooved shutter board which we call our 'standard range'. This range is in our opinion the most cost effective option.

Our second popular product is 21mm OAK tongue and grooved shutter board which we machine ourselves. This product is superior to most available and will last severe weather with only minor upkeep. The cost may be higher than the pine but will last a very long time.

Materials are sourced in France

Easy Ordering

  1. email window opening sizes
  2. You will receive devis (quote)
  3. pay deposit (cheque /cash or transfer)
  4. collect and pay remainder

If you have any questions please ask or need to discuss please email or call contact

Why choose Scrollart for your shutter reqirements?

Yes I agree that the Volet kits are good value but there are some key problems I believe with most of those ready made shutters. Ready made shutters like curtains need some altering and sometimes more than would be desirable as being detrimental to the structure of the shutter.

Our shutters are made to measure so require no trimming.

Some of the ready mades come with hinges but in most cases the strap hinge is way too thin being much thinner than the hinges found on the shelf of the actual brico.

I believe that unless you have good woodworking skills then they should be left alone.

"Ok" some shutter kits are cheap but if you have limited skill then what should you do? try to fit yourself and never be satified or bite the bullet and commision us to produce your well deserved new shutters. "Shutters made to measure fit as they should".

Front Doorsglazed tounge and grooved pannelled doord for exterior

Beautiful hand crafted front doors to exact standards. Again Oak is out prefered timber yet other timbers can be supplied or you may have some timber lurking in that barn that we could transform into your new unique front door to keep you free from the extreme French weather. Please note we only use solid timber. Be careful with inferior French diy store supplied items as they often are not solid wood but engineered relying only on glue.

dowelled tenoned oak door

Interior Doors

Also ...made to measure pine Ledge & Braced doors a snip at 79 euros

suffolt style latch  often found on shed doors but these are  internal cast  metal

Suffolk cast iron latches as supplied by screwfix.

More info on our Wood shop

Supply only wooden products in the idelic Limousin region of France.






Beveled edge shuters made using standard volet boards.

"Shutters made to measure fit as they should".

Quirky reclaimed Oak shutter

ledge and braced internal oak shutter. Rustic oal mechinicall finished using a powered wire brush


Solid Oak front garden gate with wavy pickets. Fully jointed and dowelled.

rustique bushcrafted garden gate

This range of gates remind me of the 'Wind In The Willows' but naturally evolved because of our ethos of ecology making the best use of the material at hand. The shapes are dictated by the natural curvature of the slab sawn oak bows with only minimun shaping with our trusty drawknife just as you would expect from woodland crafts.

Bespoke Boxes

purple heart accents box  with cherry panneling

Boxes made to any size in traditonal or comtempary designs such as this Purpleheart accented design. Boxmaking is a skill which requires high levels of skill and accuracy whether we use handcut Dovetails or hidden jointing. We accept international orders and worldwide delivery. More information here.


Chene barriere de rustique,  rustic gate made with  old slab sawn timber

These Oak shoot bolts are chunky but work perfectly with no fiddling. They look the part fitted to our Oak gates. 'Woodmongery' is a new word just invented by me and will be entered into the Oxford dictionary alongside 'Dumbphone'.

Composting Toilets

Composting wally dog compost  sawdust toilet

Any design made to order and at reasonable cost. Our 'Wally' doesn't quite have the knack of it's funtion but I assure you it is self explanatory. These toilet designs lend themselves to the sawdust principle.










Screwfix now delivers to France and the rest of Europe. Currently their postal charges are FREE over £100 or £20 under £100. This is great news for all who live and work in France. You may be able to share an order to take benefit of the FREE postage.

Tool Station is now in France


We power our machines using ecological power harnassed from the wind and sun. Our hot water is heated by the sun. We believe that it is important to recycle and re-use as much within our home as possible. We dug our well but also processed the diggings and used them in the renovation of our farmhouse.

Did you know? that sandpaper is a recent development and fine furniture makers and artisans alike would use handtools such as a 'smoothing Plane' or a hand scraper to produce fine finishes. I too use handtools alongside my machines as the saving in power and the superior finish is so rewarding.




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Notes of more that will come to the site during it's construction for use by website designer

Doors or portes are crafted using fine materials or budget options available
Shutters made in wood Oak and Pine
staircase made to measure for your home
stair is a single tread
handrailis attached to a balluster or bannister and sometimes the newel post
Volets are french for window covers or put over fenetre
Woodwork is what we do in our work shop
plaster services can be provided a low prices
deliveries are served by our friend in Limousin using his Merc sprinter
pyrography is for wood burning names or patterns into wood
pokerwork is also wood burning but with a red hot poker often heated in a furnace or wood burner

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