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Places to go in 'The Limousin'


Saint Junien Airshow

In September 'The Saint Junien Airshow' (FREE). A must see and not just vintage planes there are: Classic Cars, Fire Engines, Motorcycles, Aeromodelling and other spectacles. Totally free which is a pleasant change.

Oradour Sur Vayre Fete

The idea was born in 1960, More than 50 years later, the Oradour-sur-Vayres fair has become an unmissable event, People and family. 80 rides this year, 800 fairground settled on the Place du Champ de Foire. Nearly half of 80 attractions proposed are new. The theme "Battement d'ailes" leaves plenty of room for air rides, which make heads turn. Each year, 100,000 visitors came to the fair, including 40,000 at the closing fireworks.Takes place every year at end of July .

Oradour sur Glane

Home to the horrifying masacre of 642 people on 10 June 1944, burnt alive by the German forces. The original village remains unchanged since that date and serves as a memorial and reminder of the tragic loss of lives. There is also a musuem, which houses personal items recovered on that devastating day. The modern day village of Oradour sur Glane was built to the northwest of the site.


Rochechouart is on the Limousin border, about 40 km from Limoges but local to us. There is a château and the Romanesque and a Gothic twisted witchs hat spire church with a museum of prehistory, there is also the Rochechouart "Espace Météorite" (Meteorite Center), which is worth a visit. The Meteorite crater is huge and superheated rock can be found allover the region.

Jardin de Liliane

On 8000 sqm, More than 400 species of shrubs, trees and 150 different rose bushes. Open all year. At Chateau de St Laurent sur Gorre, Haute Vienne (87).


a French village that is a testament to years gone by, west of Monts de Blond. Visited by the Romans as ‘des tuiles a rebord’, (rimmed tiles) were discovered near to Peyrelade. A testimony to the MiddleAges is the cemetery Chapel, estimated to date back to the XIIth or XIII Century. A square monument on four pillars with arches between them and sides measuring about 8 metres. The cemetery of Montrol-Sénard is an architectural museum within itself where one can see old white tombs made with the regions granite.

Jardin de Lostanges

Botanical garden . Open from April - September. Located at D940, Saumont, Lostanges, Correze (19).

Labyrinthe Géant des Monts de Gueret

Vegetable maze open from the end of March to the beginning of November. Route de Bourganeuf, Gueret, Creuse (23).




Local tourist interests

Hog roast at Rochenchouart Château

Rochenchouart Château

Montrol-Sénard. 'The old Forge'

Saint Junien Airshow

Vintage aircraft in France..

Château de CROMIÈRES (Oradour Sur Vayres 87150)

Places to visit in France, Oradour Sur Vayres is the place to visit

Oradour Sur Glane. Towards the end of the Second World War, in a peaceful part of France, there took place a particularly horrible murder of 642 men women and children.







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