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Religious Symbols to order


We have compiled a list of Religious Symbols to help you with your choice of designs. We can use these to design new items. We can either add them to our usual range of products or we add them to bespoke items or special orders. Scroll sawing or Pyrography can be used to create items or religious nature. We also make Christian Crosses to any size

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Ancient Egyptian religion and Kemetism Ankh
Ayyavazhi Lotus Carrying Namam
Bahá'í Faith Nine Pointed Star
Buddhism Wheel of Dharma
steering wheel
Lotus Flower
Christianity Ichthys (fish)
Fleur-de-lis (flower-lily)
franch french
Christian cross
wooden cross
Patriarchal cross
Pentagram (used to show the five wounds of Christ)
Angel Moroni (a popular symbol for the LDS Church)
Discordianism The Sacred Chao


  • Ethnic religions
  • Folk religions
  • Polytheistic reconstructionism
  • Paganism
  • Neopaganism
  • Wicca
  • Witchcraft



Hands of God (Rodnovery a.k.a. Slavic Neopaganism)
Mjolnir (Heathenism aka Germanic Neopaganism)
Pentacle (Wicca)
Triskelion (Celtic Neopaganism)
Gnosticism Sun cross
Ouroboros (also a symbol of Alchemy and Hermeticism)
Humanism Happy Human
Hinduism Omkar (Aum)

Lotus Flower

Islam Kalima/Shahadah
Name of Allah
Star and crescent (Ottoman symbol)
Rub el Hizb
Jainism Swastika
Ahimsa Hand
Judaism Star of David
candle stick

The Raëlian movement

Star of David intertwined with a Swastika or Swirling Galaxy Star
Rastafari movement Lion of Judah often shown upon the Imperial Ethiopian flag
LaVeyan Satanism Sigil of Baphomet
Theistic Satanism Satanic Cross
Sigil of Lucifer (Satan's Seal)
Slavic neopaganism Hands of God
Sikhism Khanda
Ik Onkar
Shinto Torii

Southeastern Ceremonial Complex

Solar cross

Taoism (Daoism) Yin and yang (Taiji)
Thelema Unicursal Hexagram

Universal Sufism

Tughra Inayati
Unitarian Universalism Flaming chalice
Zoroastrianism Faravahar

French English
Volet Shutter
Barres Ledge
ècharpe Brace
Volets sur mesure Shutters to Measure
Bois Wood
Volet Lame Tongue and grooved shutter board
Foret Forest
Pin Pine
Chene Oak
Devis Quote
Commander Order
En ligne Online
Fabricant de Volet Manufacturer of shutters
Vantaux de Volet Shutter leaf
Faites votre Devis En Ligne Make online quote


Bespoke joinery..SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

SCROLL ART bespoke kitchems of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

Barn Doors..SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

Wood Species ..SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

SCROLL ART ---- Wood working benches

Wind and Solar power comes to France

DIY Gas bottle Wood Burner

Home made Fret Scroll Saw

Beds made by SCROLL ART of France

Whirlygigs made in France by Scrollart fun and quirky

Home made Pyrography Pen

SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

Woodcutting service

SCROLL ART of France, chicken coops

SCROLL ART Skirting boards

Scrollart on Woodworking how to

SCROLL ART of France, ironmongery

Tree bogs and composting toilets...SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

SCROLL ART traditional door surrounds made ihaute vienne

SCROLL ART... delivery of products

Wood Species ..SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

Repair of windows and doors by SCROLL ART of France

SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

Staircases of France, stairs made to order

Wind and Solar power comes to France

Seasoning and Dryin Wood Bois Scroll Art

SCROLL ART supports the Rota loo design


International mothers day dates Scroll and Pyrography Art

Furniture maker in Haute vienne France

SCROLL ART of France, Scroll and Pyrography gifts

SCROLL ART of France ecological handy idea



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