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Composting Toilets... made to measure in Limousin

Toilet box >>>>>>>>>>

Single or double composting toilet boxes made complete or supplied as a easy to construct kit. This is a simple traditonal composting toilet solution accepts a large 30lt plus container which can be bag lined for easier emptying and further composting and standard toilet seat. A family of two would exspect to empty the toilet once a month depending on use. Our unit has a simple vent pipe which assists moisture evaporation and draws and smells (which is rare). These toilets can be installed in the house or shed.

  • Pine Toilet box Kit 155e unfinished
  • Pine Toilet box 195e unfinished
  • Old Oak Toilet Box 395e (very nice)
  • Medieval recycled Oak toilet to fit long box or drop also can be used for tree bog
  • Made to measure toilets, just ask








Tree Bog >>>>>>>>>>>>

Treebog is a waterless, earth toilet both trees and wetland marginal plants should be planted around the toilet. The basic principal is to have a raised toilet shed with at least one metre clearance beneath it and a toilet box installed with no bottom so the expelled human product can fall into a pile below. The magic behind this toilet is the planting of willows and marginal plants which are nutrient hungry and converts the poo and wee into biomass with no need to handle the waste. Eventially the planting will screen the bottom portion of the tree bog making for a very fertile planting. This system is so good even the National Trust is installing this concept on many of their sites.

We can install a tree bog for you which is ideal for situations where no fosse or drainage is possible. Prices are by quotation and very affordable making them good for camps, lakes and recreational land etc.

Composting Dunni >>>>

The ideal solution for remote locations or just to provide toilet facilities during you French build or renovation. A freestanding timber building in pine and treated framing with a pitched apex or flat roof. Our units come complete with a composting box toilet already installed.

  • Flat pack kit 995e
  • Standard unit 1195e
  • Insulated and pine clad 1895e

If you are looking for commercially available unit, here are a few manufacturers:

  • rota-loo: plastic; segmented chambers on a rotating base; distributed in UK by Johathan Cooke - 01799 598086 /
  • kernowrat the UK importer for Separett Waterless Toilets
  • biolet: small toilets, some models electric, some not; supplied in UK by Wendage Pollution Control
  • clivus multrum: one large chamber; vent with fan; distributer in United Kingdom by Kingsley Clivus
  • sun-mar: small; electricity used to evaporate liquids; distributed in UK by Eastwood Services - 01502 478165
  • aquatron: urine separator; ultra-violet unit to kill pathogens; distributed in UK by Elemental Solutions, who also install their own design
  • Scrollart traditional composting toilets in France but your already here!!

contact for more info


Oradour sur Vayre, Haute Vienne, Limousin, France

Local to: Cussac, Chalus, Saint Laurent Sur Gorre, Saint Junien, Rochechouart, Champagnac la Riviere, Saint Cyr, Limoges, Serihac, Aixe Sur Vienne, Gorre,


Toilet box ready for new seat to be fitted or you could just leave it as it is. Please note the canines are not included unless they eat another slipper!

A recent commision although awaiting the handrails and roof tiles sit very pretty in it's new home. The next stage will be the planting to facilitate the composting principle of a tree bog.s

Tree bog building just built ready for delivery and mounting on its platform. This version is supplied flat packed but fully constructed at our workshop to ensure it fits as it should. You can't see it in the picture but the tongue and grooved boards have hand softened edges and wavy trims. The boards are 22mm thick so not Brico / DIY shed type contruction a very strong structure and maybe a little over engineered for its purpose but thats how we like it.

My homebrew wooden shoot bolt which operates from inside as well.

Tree Bog

Tree Bog example

tree bog leg set

Tree bog leg set stilts for the raised installation of a tree bog principle toilet solution.

rustic forestery tree bog composting toilets in france and en france

Why Should I Install A Enviromental Friendly Compost Toilet?

That is a question some may ask and there are so many reasons why you should consider it but also it may not be a practical solution. I personally would now only consider a compost toilet now I and my family have become accustomed to it.

Positive points

  • good for the planet
  • humanure for the garden
  • improve soil structure
  • no need for Fosse Septic
  • no major excavation
  • solid waste is dealt with on site
  • doesn’t have to be treated with chemicals in sewage farms, or end up in waterways
  • save tens of thousand of litres of pure drinking water
  • no dangerous chemicals such as detergents
  • reduced landfilling of sludge
  • our compost toilets use no power
  • Can be placed in any room as not restricted by plumbing
  • feel good factor


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in a new toilet concept.























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