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Oak or Fir Exterior Doors made to order.. made to measure in Limousin


 Farmhouse with window option

Made to measure exterior doors to a very high standard from well seasoned timber. Once you see the standard of our work I am sure you will agree that our doors are far superior to any Brico example and often for less money. Oak is a hardwood and known for its high strength properties and its durability. It's moisture movement is medium and it has a good density with a medium to course texture. It can be used for heavy structural use, cladding, exterior and interior joinery, furniture, flooring and is an ideal material choice for exterior door contruction. Good dry Oak or Chene as it is called here in France has minimal movement and stability is favourable.

Prices including matching frame

  • Pine / Fir 595e
  • Oak 795e
  • Window option 50e but glazing not included (can advise to size and where to order the sealed unit in Limoges)

Example: Farmhouse door made in solid oak and fully jointed with haunched tenons and dowelled. Glazing provision is available as shown above but an unglazed example would cost 795 euro including Oak frame. close up detail of the above door which clearly shows the quality of our exterior doors.


front door made in hardwood

warm chene, oak

solid oak doors in France

We can make any style or size of door in hard or softwoods.

Quality chene cross braced door. Oak is a fine material for door contruction

Fully jointed and braced

pine softwwod farm cottage door  budget

Good choice when on a budget but want a solid door.

Heavy framing on our fir doors and yes still fully jointed.

6 pane Farmhouse door

Choose from Fir or Well seasoned Oak hardwoods. Fir exterior doors made from FSC timber and very solid not like the brico's (we don't do flimsy)

Prices a including matching frame but no glazing (can advise)

  • Pine / Fir 695e
  • Oak 850e

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Outside view of door

Inside of door

Stable Doors

Standard doors to fit any opening as we build these doors to your supplied sizes.

Prices including frame

  • Pine / Fir 695e
  • Oak 9000e
  • Window option 50e but glazing not included (can advise to size and where to order the sealed unit in Limoges)

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Picture supplied by 'Bob Healey' registered artisan. Bob Installed our Oak Stable Door, as usual to a high standard.

Oversized Doors

Renovated barns have odd sized doors which canot be found in the Brico so a handmade to measure door is the answer. This double door solved the customer dilema and was not too expensive and came with a mathching frame in oak.

For example this fully jointed double door set would cost:

  • Oak 995e
  • Fir 865e

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Extra Thick Doors

Standard doors are 40 - 45mm thick but when strength and security is required we do make extra thick doors in excess of 50mm.

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Doors for Out-buildings

Ledge and Braced external doors ideal for out building pedestrian or animal entrances, made to measure and can be made in most sizes.

Pine upto 2m tall. 99 euros

Oak upto 2m tall. 249 euros

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Bespoke Door Frames

If you find a great door or have one already and need a frame to fit then we can help just email us your requirement and the door domensions including height width. From standard frames to structural architechtural additions typical of old French buildings of yesteryear.

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Customer Quote

'Thank you for your kind message! And we wish you all the best for the coming year. We certainly will think of you often...with a fabulous door like that, now in place how could we forget! It has been well admired and we absolutely love it! And we shall tell everyone who made it! I don't think you will be short of work in the future. We shall try the glass-blower in Brantome for a bullseye finish to the glass!!

Love to you all, S...and N...'

Hi Scrollart,

Hope you, your family and dogs are well. We just wanted to thank you again for the made to measure door you made for us. We love it. Please find a picture of it in situ, and after varnishing it we noticed that it matches our windows very well too, bonus. Off to buy some glass tomorrow. We would be happy to recommend you and your work to anyone in the future.

Kind regards

C.....& K..... Walk....
La Creuse.


Although we do use machines we often pick up our Stanley Bailey tryplane and our old 'Ward Cast Steel','Robert Sorby' chisels to chop out haunched mortices.Our atelier (workshop) is well kitted for any bespoke item. Machines are great but you cannot beat the fine finish aschieved from hand tools.

We believe are doors are great value because they are low priced compared to the large corporation based material suppliers such as all the Brico's come DIY stores. We have found very poor examples of doors generally too thin and using engineered timber at prices over 1000 euros which is crazy considering they will not last the test of time.

Any size available

We pride ourselves at providing quality traditional constructed joinery at low prices (petit prix) and you will see on our site many example prices but for a definate quote please enquire.

contact for more info


Oradour sur Vayre, Haute Vienne, Limousin, France

Local to: Cussac, Chalus, Saint Laurent Sur Gorre, Saint Junien, Rochechouart, Champagnac la Riviere, Saint Cyr, Limoges, Serihac, Aixe Sur Vienne, Gorre


Hand made in our workshopoak door in frame, recycles from old  sorting office

Real Solid wood Verses Engineered

For the choice between a a solid piece of Chene / Oak and son called engineered oak lumber is an easy one but let me explain why I believe the real thing is always the best option. Lets start with the asphetics of the beautiful timber. A well seasoned length of Oak has figure and lustre compared with the short grain or layered make up of engineered wood. Why do the makers of this timber give it the hard sell, well in my opinion engineered timber is made from cheaply obtained scraps then they sell them on as a larger length of timber. The strength in Oak is natural and has long grain which has high tensil strength compared to engineered which relies on glues and good manufacturing for it's durability. Engineered timber does have it's place and good for internal applications such as floors but be careful of engineered timber doors. If you don't believe me then explain to me how those English heritage solid Oak doors of times past have lasted for over a century, 'The Proof is in the pudding'























Notes of more that will come to the site during it's construction for use by website designer

Doors or portes are crafted using fine materials or budget options available
Shutters made in wood Oak and Pine
staircase made to measure for your home
stair is a single tread
handrailis attached to a balluster or bannister and sometimes the newel post
Volets are french for window covers or put over fenetre
Woodwork is what we do in our work shop
plaster services can be provided a low prices
deliveries are served by our friend in Limousin using his Merc sprinter
pyrography is for wood burning names or patterns into wood
pokerwork is also wood burning but with a red hot poker often heated in a furnace or wood burner

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