Low Cost Bespoke Woodwork 

Welcome to Scrollart. We make shutters to order, any size or style. ‘Volets Sur Mesure’ as it is called in France. France is the home of shutters although there is some thought that they originated in ancient Greece. 

Anyhow in France, you are expected to have shutters installed to validate your insurance. Most French insurance companies insist on you having shutters on all windows and doors with only a few exceptions. It is a good idea to be sure you comply as most are looking for that ‘get out of jail card’ and then not pay you on the event of a burglary claim.

shutter made of OAK

Wooden Shutters

Our wooden shutters are made using either Pine or Oak. Pine Shutters are good value and a cost-effective option when the budget is small. Just because these pine shutters are cheap does not mean they of low quality. The way we make our products using good quality materials and high-performance Cascamite wood glues. We also provide Oak shutters which will give you a lifetime of use with only minimal maintenance. Because we machine all our own Oak profiles for our range of Oak shutters it does make them more expensive. Oak is a great option if you are unlikely to move in the near future.