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Cycle Manufacturers  

Cycle makers from around the World. If you know of any others please email it over.


Adler - Germany (defunct)
AIST - Belarus
Alcyon - France (defunct)
Alldays & Onions - UK (defunct)
American Bicycle Company - USA (defunct)
American Machine and Foundry (widely known as AMF) - USA (defunct), formerly owned Roadmaster.
Argon 18 - Canada
Ariel - England (defunct)
Atala - Italy
Author - Czech Republic
Avanti - New Zealand

Basso - Italy
Batavus - Netherlands
Beistegui Hermanos - Spain
Bergamont - Germany
Bianchi - Italy
Bickerton - UK (folding bikes) defunct
Bike Friday - USA (Green Gear Cycling Co.) (folding bikes)
Bilenky - USA
Biomega - Denmark
Birmingham Small Arms Company (widely known as BSA) - Britain, no longer builds bicycles, TI of India builds BSA branded bikes.
Boardman Bikes - UK
Bohemian Bicycles - USA
Borile - Italy
Brasil & Movimento - Brazil Branded as Sundown
Bridgestone - Japan
British Eagle - UK
Brompton Bicycle - UK (folding bikes)
Brunswick - USA, formerly owned Roadmaster

Caloi - Brazil
Campion Cycle Company - Britain
Cannondale - USA
Canyon bicycles - Germany
Catrike - USA (Recumbent)
CCM - Canada
Centurion - Japan
Cervélo - Canada
Chater-Lea - Britain
Chicago Bicycle Company - USA (defunct)
Cilo - Switzerland
Cinelli - Italy
Clark-Kent - USA (defunct)
Claud Butler - UK
Co-Motion Cycles - USA
Coker - USA
Colnago - Italy
Corima - France
Cortina Cycles - USA
Cube - Germany
Currys - UK, no longer makes bicycles
Cycleuropa Group - Sweden, manufactures such brands as: Gitane, Monark, Puch.
Cycle Force Group - USA
Cyfac - France

Dahon - USA / China
Dawes Cycles - UK
Den Beste Sykkel Better known as DBS - Norway
De Rosa - Italy
Dorel Industries - Canada, markets under brand names including Cannondale, Iron Horse, Schwinn, Mongoose, Roadmaster, and GT.
Dynacraft - USA, owns Magna and Next

Electra Bicycle Company - USA
Ellis Briggs - UK
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles - USA
Enigma Titanium - UK

Falcon Cycles - UK
Claud Butler.
Fat City Cycles - USA (defunct)
Felt - USA
Fleetwing -USA (defunct)
Field Bikes - Greece
Flying Pigeon - China
Focus Bikes - Germany
Fram - Sweden (defunct)
Freddie Grubb - UK
Fuji Advanced Sports - USA

Gary Fisher - USA
Gazelle - Netherlands
Gendron Bicycles - USA
Giant Manufacturing - Taiwan
Gitane - France
Gormully & Jeffery - USA (defunct)
Graflex (originally the bicycle company Folmer & Schwing) - USA (defunct)
GT Bicycles - USA
Guerciotti - Italy

Haro Bikes - USA, owns the Masi brand.
Harry Quinn - UK
Hase bikes - Germany
Head - Norway, managed by SykkelSport Engros
Helkama - Finland
Heinkel - Germany, defunct
Hercules - UK
Hero Cycles Ltd - India
Hetchins - UK
Huffy - USA
Humber - UK (defunct)
Husqvarna (no longer a bicycle manufacturer) - Sweden

Ibis - USA
Ideal Bikes - Greece
iF - Taiwan
IFA - East Germany (defunct)
Independent Fabrication - USA
Iron Horse Bicycles - USA
Italvega - USA (defunct)
Itera - Sweden (defunct)
Iverson - USA (defunct)

JMC Bicycles - USA (defunct)
Jamis Bicycles- USA

K2 Sports - USA
Kent - USA
Kestrel USA - USA
Kettler - Germany
Kinesis Industry - Taiwan and USA, Kenesis produces its own bikes as well as brands manufactured by Kinesis include Diamondback, Felt Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Schwinn, Jamis, K2, Raleigh, Trek, and Kona
Klein -USA
Kogswell Cycles - USA
Kona - USA
Kronan - Sweden
Kuota - Italy
Kuwahara - Japan (Okinawa), is/was a private label bike manufacturer

Laurin & Klement - Austria-Hungary/Czech republic
LeMond Racing Cycles - USA (defunct)
Alexander Leutner & Co. — Russia (defunct)
Litespeed - USA
Lotus, US brand

Magna - USA
Malvern Star - Australia
Marin Bikes - USA
Masi Bicycles - USA
Matra - France
Melon Bicycles - USA
Mercian Cycles - UK
Merida Bikes - Taiwan
Merlin - USA
Merckx - Belgium
Miele bicycles - Canada
Milwaukee Bicycle Co. - USA
Miyata - Japan
Monark - Sweden
Mongoose - USA
Montague - USA
Moots Cycles - CO, USA
Moser Cicli - Italy
Motobécane - France
Moulton - UK
Murray - USA
Muddy Fox - UK (other brand: Silver Fox)

National - Japan
Nishiki - U.S. brand
Norco - Canada
Novara - USA
NSU - Germany
Nymanbolagen - Sweden

Orient Bikes - Greece
Orange - UK
Orbea - Spain
Orient Bikes - Greece

Pacific Cycle - USA, was acquired by Dorel Industries in 2004. Owns GT, Mongoose, Murray, Roadmaster, and Schwinn brands
Pacific Cycles - ROC, owns Birdy,
Panasonic - Japan
Pashley Cycles - UK
Patria - Germany
Peugeot - France
Phillips Cycles - UK
Pinarello - Italy
Planet X - UK
Pocket Bicycles - USA
Pogliaghi - Italy
Pope Manufacturing Company - USA
Procycle Group - Canada, owns the Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Miele, also owns but not longer produces the Oryx, Mikado, VeloSport, Balfa, CCM, Peugeot brands.
Puch - Austria

Quality - USA and Taiwan
Quintana Roo - USA

Raleigh - UK
Rans Designs - USA
Ridgeback - UK
Ridley - Belgium
Riese und Müller - Germany
Rivendell Bicycle Works - USA
Roadmaster - USA
Roberts Cycles - UK
Robin Hood - UK
Rocky Mountain Bicycles - Canada
Ross - USA
Rover Company - UK
Rowbike - USA
Rudge-Whitworth - UK

Samchuly - Korea
Santana Cycles - USA
Saracen Cycles - UK
Schwinn Bicycle Company - USA
SCOTT Sports - Switzerland
Serotta - USA
Seven Cycles - USA
Sinclair Research - UK
Solex - France (defunct)
Somec - Italy
E. C. Stearns Bicycle Agency - USA (defunct)
Specialized - USA
Stelber Cycle Corp - USA
Sterling Bicycle Co. - USA
Strida - UK
Surly Bikes - USA
Suzuki - Japan

Thorn Cycles - UK
Time - French
TI Cycles of India - India, owns brands Hercules, BSA
Torker - USA
Trek Bicycle Corporation - USA, also Klein Bikes
Triumph Cycle - UK
Triumph (TWN) - German
Tunturi - Finland
Turner Bikes - USA

Univega - US (defunct)
Utopia - Germany

Valdora - USA
Velomotors - Russia
VéloSoleX - France
Velo Vie - USA

Waterford Precision Cycles - USA, owns Gunnar
WeThePeople - Germany
Wilderness - USA
Wilier Triestina - Italy
Witcomb Cycles - UK
Worksman Cycles - USA, owns Atlantic Coast Cruiser brand.

Yamaguchi Bicycles - USA
Yamaha - Japan











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