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You may have found this page because you are in the market for a new set of shutters. Our quality made shutters are visually appealing and will complement any home.

How do I order my shutters?

You can easily order your shutters by sending us the sizes of the shutters via our contact page or use the order form. We will send you a quote with the deposit amount required.

Once we receive the deposit via cheque or transfer your new shutters will be available within 10 days for collection from Oradour Sur Vayres 87150. 

You can also pay via card payment or PayPal. 

Volets or Shutters in English are an iconic part of French Culture. You don’t have to go far to witness buildings adorned by colourful wooden shutters. Shutters go back to King Louis of France and his obsession to peer at ladies bathing in the ponds. Well, that is another story. 

Today we use our shutter as a part of our efforts to maintain temperatures in the home and security.

Reasons to fit Shutters in France 

  • Dressing of the home with shutters
  • Shutters help control temperature
  • Insurance companies insist on shutters
  • Security shutters

Dressing the home with shutters

What we mean by this is the aesthetic appearance of the colourful shutters or to my dismay the painting with some fake wood brown wood stain.

Shutters help control temperature

For a long,  citizens would close their shutters to prevent them from building up or protecting from cold temperatures in the winter. 

Insurance companies insist on shutters

Your country will be different but here in France,it is obligatory with many insurance companies to insist on shutters being fitted to homes. Some insurance companies waiver this in exchange for an increase in premium.

Security Shutters

Windows fitted with shutters provide an additional level of security this is probably while insurance companies insist on window shutters. Good quality wooden shutters can offer a visual deterrence to thieves and opportunists. The extra layer can prove difficult to circumvent. 

Scrollart also trades as Wallybois and you can order on our shop.

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