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Doors and Shutters made to order.. made to measure in Limousin


Window shutters are an important part to French security and insurance companies are also requesting the insured to fit shutters as a matter of course, it may be prudent to check if there are any clauses in your policy.. We make Pine ledge and braced (Z frame) window shutters to your measurements. Our shutters are supplied unpainted and constructed to allow for trimming & fitting. Although we supply our volets unfinished we are happy to finish shutters to your requirements at extra cost. We can also treat shutters against rot and insect infestation. Although we mainly make pine shutters we can price to manufacture Oak or Douglas fir shutters if you prefer and we also can utilise traditional methods of construction such as clinched nails. This may be usful if you are trying to maintain authentiicity to your old building. If it is made of wood we can make it.

Volets sur mesure. Ce sont des pins et arrimés. Ils sont livrés peints et construite pour permettre à la pose.

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Shutters and Doors made right here in Oradour Sur Vayres, Limousin, Haute Vienne.

fait sur mesure volets made in  Oradour Sur Vayres

Our low cost pine shutter range start from Only 35 euros each.

Specification: 22mm thick pine boards glued and mechanically fixed using a traditional ledge and braced contruction.

Price guide

Each Shutter Size upto:

height 1200mm X width 450mm 35 euros

height 1500mm X width 570mm 45euros

height 1800mm X width 650mm 50 euros

height 1950mm X width 570mm 50 euros


Made to measure Ledge & Brace pine doors. These doors are nice quality with edge framing. These doors are glued and mechanically fixed together providing long life. .

Fabriqué sur mesure portes en pin Ledge & Brace. Ces portes sont belle qualité avec l'encadrement de pointe afin de l'epaisseur au allround bord est de 44mm. contact for more info

Internal 79 euros

External 120 euros


door ledge brace pine porte made to measure in Haute Vienne , France

Bespoke Woodwork

Bespoke items made to order such as this recycled staircase made from old recycled timber from old joists and boards. The hand rails were taken from our woods and attacked with a chainsaw until finally finished and sanded. The spindles are from old wattle and daub walling just been polished and waxed.

If you have any special woodworking requirements. In our area of Limousin France (87150)then email us and we will be happy to help if we can.

Fitting service also available

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Bespoke Joinery  in 87150 Limousin


After buying some quite expensive gates and fencing from a local and popular brico I was shocked that the quality did not reflect the price asked. The boards were ring shanked nailed but they were only 10mm into the rails and very quickly fell to bits. We also recently fitted some arch topped metal gates but the steel tubing was so thin and the hinges were basically plastic bungs and pins these clearly were not sufficient for the job.

Wooden Garden Gates in many different styles such as:

Flat Top Double Wooden Gates
Arch Top Double Wooden Gates
Swan Neck Double Wooden Gates
Flat Top Ledge & Brace Gates
Arch Top Ledge & Brace Gates
Flat Top Framed Ledge & Brace Gates
Arch Top Framed Ledge & Brace Wooden Gates
Flat Top 5 Bar Wooden Gates
Arch Top 5 Bar Wooden Gates
Flat Top 5 Bar Wooden Gates with Pedestrian Gate
Arch Top 5 Bar Wooden Gates with Pedestrian Gate
Special Order Gates

600mm 50 euros

900mm 65 euros

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wooden gated made to  to your size haute vienne.  Double Brace


Our old well used Record vice. this old vice tells a story of finesse and abuse and it was used by many joiners before me and I should really replace it but as a purest I can't bring myself to.


Our Kity K5 combination machine is old but still accurate and make a lovely job of our projects

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Oradour sur Vayre, Haute Vienne, Limousin, France

siren 527854749

Local to: Cussac, Chalus, Saint Laurent Sur Gorre, Saint Junien, Rochechouart, Champagnac la Riviere, Saint Cyr, Limoges, Serihac, Aixe Sur Vienne


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Volet Shutter
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Volets sur mesure Shutters to Measure
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Volet Lame Tongue and grooved shutter board
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En ligne Online
Fabricant de Volet Manufacturer of shutters
Vantaux de Volet Shutter leaf
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